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It's hard to tell who loves Tuck Me In! more– children or parents. One thing's for sure: It’s magical. Enjoy the charm of Tuck Me In! And let's all get some sleep.

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Trying to get your child to sleep? Here's a simple bedtime truth: When we let children tuck in others first, they often feel a whole lot better about being tucked in themselves.  That's the magic of Tuck Me In!

Winner of two Platinum Oppenheim awards and named a Smithsonian best book, Tuck Me In! lets children tuck in a series of adorable baby animals by turning brightly patterned blanket-shaped flaps.

"Who needs to be tucked in?" asks the reader. "I do," says the baby elephant. "I do," says the baby alligator. "I do," says the zebra, pig, moose, hedgehog and peacock. After tucking in all the animals, the child hears, "Who else needs to be tucked in? Do you?"
Happy parents report that the "everyone gets tucked in" theme helps wonders with bedtime resistance. (Who wouldn’t love a book just for that?

   by Dean Hacohen & Sherry Scharschmidt