by Dean Hacohen & Sherry Scharschmidt    


Presenting the most adorable bedtime book in the world!

Double-Platinum Oppenheim winner and Smithsonian best book Tuck Me In! is the world's new #1 bedtime favorite.

Seven adorable baby animals are waiting to be tucked into bed. When a child lifts and turns each large, colorfully patterned, blanket-shaped flap, each baby animal gets tucked in for the night. And then– the helpful child gets tucked in, too.

Kids love Tuck. Parents love Tuck. All over the world, it's become the first book little ones pull off their shelves before bed. (Tuck is now available in four languages.)

Not only is Tuck an interactive delight, grateful parents blog that the "Tuck everyone in" nightly ritual helps wonders with bedtime resistance. (Who can’t appreciate that?)

Cuddle up with Tuck Me In! Enjoy it with your kids right before bed. And let's all get some sleep!

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